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$225.00 $18.00 per additional child
A small party for big fun! Bring 12 Jumpers to our park for one full hour of Jumping, then go to your private tables that include tablecloths, plates, napkins, utensils, and cups! Your private tables will be available upon checkin and can be used the entire length of your time here; you can keep the table for at least 40 minutes after your Jump time is over. This package includes 12 pairs of Sky Socks, 12 Jumpers for one hour, 2 pizzas, 2 pitchers of soda, and 2 private tables. Guests may bring cake or cupcakes. No other outside food or drink is allowed. This package can be booked on short notice with NO short notice fee! PLEASE READ AND UNDERSTAND THE FOLLOWING ABOUT YOUR BOOKED EVENT: WAIVER REMINDER: Anyone who wishes to jump MUST have a valid waiver on file. This is true for both children and adults. Those under the age of 18 must have a valid electronic waiver completed by their parent or legal guardian prior to jumping at Sky Zone. Waiver can be completed via a smart phone or on a computer at AGE/SIZE SEPARATION: For safety purposes, we separate jumpers based on age and size. We separate jumpers into four different size groups: A,B,C, D. All groups may be on the courts simultaneously, but members of different groups may not jump in adjacent squares. Parent jumpers may be on the courts with their children simultaneously, but they may not be able to jump on adjacent squares. DODGEBALL: Because we separate by size, Dodgeball is not guaranteed unless you upgrade to a private court. A dodgeball court for your parties specific size group may not be available during the duration of your party. Size separation is still enforced with a private dodgeball court rental. If your jumpers are in two different size groups then the games will be rotated. We cannot guarantee that your party will all be able to play dodgeball together during the same game. NO OUTSIDE FOOD: Parents may bring cake or cupcakes to eat in the provided party area, but no other outside food or drink is allowed. Ice cream is not allowed. Additional food and drink is available for purchase in our Fuel Zone. Jumpers must wear SkySocks on the trampolines. The price of 12 pairs of Socks are included in the Jump-A-Lot package. Additional Sky Socks are $3 per pair. Parents who choose to watch their younger children on the courts must have a completed waiver on file, must be wearing SkySocks, and are only permitted to stand on the pads. The parents will be given a PADS ONLY/PARENT NO JUMP pass from a team member during check-in. They will not be permitted to jump unless they are included in your Jump Around Party package. Should you or your guests arrive late, we will be unable to grant additional jump time or party room time. Jumpers with casts, splints, or sharp/hard objects will not be allowed to enter the trampoline courts for the safety of all jumpers.